Home folder, computer, Network and Trash icons on the desktop


A dilemma for new Linux Systems users is that the System, Home folder, Network or Trash icon as a default are not on the desktop. To get to the Home folder Unix users (in particular Ubuntu Feisty Fawn fans) need to follow the menu on top and go to:
Places>>Home Folder or System
and for the Trash they have to use not always happily the one on the bottom dock bar.
To have the Links to this folders straight on the desktop you need to activate the menu call for the Configuration Editor in the path : Applications>>>System Tools>>>Configuration Editor.
Activate the menu call
Go to System>>>Preferences>>>Menu Layout
There tick the cell in the path : System Tools for the Configuration-Editor.
Now we have the link that will enable us to get to the configuration tool and activate our favourite icons.
Step 2:
Enable the home folder, Trash and system folder on the desktop
Go to the path:
Applications>>>System Tools>>>Configuration Editor
Within the editor follow the path:
apps > nautilus > desktop
There tick what you need on your desktop, Trash icon, Home folder icon, File system or network icon.
There you go, your favourite icons are now on your desktop on your favourite Linux Distro Enjoy Linux

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