How to install the java sdk platform NetBeans on ubuntu linux


Logo Net beansWhile researching for the best IDE software for the development of java applications is inevitable to meet the new Java JDK NetBeans, on Microsoft Windows machines the installation of this Software is Just a couple of clicks, however not in our Linux box, especially on ubuntu where I had several problems with the Synaptic Package Manager and either with the terminal installer apt-get. The only way to install the NetBeans IDE is through the Sun Microsystems website, personally I used this link … Java JDK NetBeans … that took me straight to the download page. What to do after that is very simple, Step 1 we need to make the Java netbeans installer executable, step 2 we need to run it. To make it executable we need to use the command chmod as root, so:

sudo chmod +x <path to the file>/netbeans

to run it simply:

sudo ./netbeans

N.B. Remember to change your terminal location to the java netbeans location before trying to chmod it (otherwise it just won’t work) and don’t forget the file extension (in this case .bin). Enjoy!

Ah! By the way: for all the “take it easy” linux users there is a package that doesn’t need any installation, you can find it at this link … JDK NetBeans IDE package … to run the NetBeans executable double click on the file /bin/netbeans and run (tip: put this folder in the /opt or /etc directory and create a luncher on your desktop to run it so you won’t need any fight with the java netbeans installer to have the IDE no your Linux Box).

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