Python & Java stability or productivity


Programmers are generally far more productive using python rather than Java. Studies have tried to make a general count of how much is more productive? More productive is between 5 and 10 times.

Dirty hands

The amount of code written by python coders compared to the one written by java developers is between 60 and 65% less, this may lead to improvement of results during the actual development of a software and would reduce to minimum the problem of bugs. On the other hand the process of compiling java source code may help substantially the development of applications whith “less” bugs trying to spend less time on the testing phase of the software, that may lead to an improvement of the satisfaction of the client with consequent gain in profits.

Libraries with java or custom development with Python

What python programmers find mainly difficult in making software using Java is the enormous amount of core and libraries documentation, a python programmer generally makes he’s own libraries of code that he evolves during he’s experience as a developer. What Java programmers find difficult using Python as a programming language is the tiny amount of built-in libraries, and the actual code that you need to give instructions to a machine; sometimes it may too small and it could become actually not easily comprehensible.Other main reason to choose one or the other may be related to the typology of data to handle in the software, in fact while java has a really restricted set of values to follow during the development and if an error is encountered the compiler will not make the executable (this may lead to programmer frustration personally experienced) python has not any problem storing in a variable an integer or a string, this python freedom however may create security lacks if not handled properly.

The choice between such different programming languages has to be considered on the base of the team, the job, the client and the time at disposal. Python applications may be, either unconsciously, connected to fast development and efficient software with long testing, Java applications are connected to stable long-term projects with smaller testing periods but longer development.

Java is a product of Sun Microsystems, to download java follow the link: … Java technology

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