How to use Taskel on Ubuntu


Taskel on Ubuntu

The intallation and configuration of a certain type of packets on Unix Based systems can be a painfully long process. However, free software such as debian distro’s offer a great number of tools to simplify and cut down time wasted on boring tasks, one of the most common tools is Taskel.

Ubuntu being derived from Debian, in it’s repositories has one great tool, Taskel. Taskel is a gui based software that allows ubuntu linux users to install webserver configured and running packets on our distro. On the new Feisty and Gutsy the Taskel packets are installed as default, however to have them on any other distro is nesessary to simply run the command:

sudo apt-get install taskel

For the curios to see the packets for each of the Taskel options you can run the command:

sudo tasksel –list-tasks

Or to have a complete documentation of the software:

man taskel

Enjoy, Tonylog

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