Arch Linux a new adventure ahead


Ubuntu has lately become a bit of a distro reserved to slightly more powerful machines with fancy desktop effects and lots of (not always) useful applications. Given that I have no intention to upgrade my system in the near fufure and that Ubuntu was running short of RAM I started looking around for a Linux distro slightly more compact.

While spending one of this long afternoons in the ITL (Information Technology Lab) i saw a friend of mine with its laptop. Knowing the, not very generous, specs of the machine I asked what distro he was running on it, the answer was Arch Linux.

Reading the installation guide on the website I was conviced by a couple of sentences.

Reminiscent of *BSD, Arch is installed as a minimal base system. The base system only includes the Linux kernel and GNU. Bash is the included shell. During installation, the user may choose to install a handful of extra libraries and modules, and only a few basic command line tools such as make and links. From the command line, the system is then expanded into whatever the user requires by pulling in software from internet repositories via pacman, the Arch package manager. This means there are virtually no ‘system defaults’ beyond the slim package set of the base system. The user is given complete control of their system by choosing all additional packages themselves, and in so doing, assembles a completely customized system tailored for their own unique and individual needs.

Arch is what I was looking for for my beloved old dear.

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