Install NetBeans on Arch Linux


NetBeans is one of the most complete and used IDES out there. It is mainly used for Java software development but recently it has been improved with support for Php. With NetBeans any project can be brought from its very initial design stage, with UML, Use case diagrams to its final development with the support of ant scripts and CVS. On this blog post I am going to write a guide on how to install NetBeans on Arch.

In my Netbeans install I decided to use the shellscript of the version 6.10, given that the arch repository doesn’t have it.  NetBeans 6.10 is the latest version currently available at the NetBeans official website. The download size is 245 MB, so get comfortable.

After the download we need to install our new Netbeans on arch.  So, firstly we need to make the file downloaded executable (as a super user chmod +x name_of_the_file) then we need to run it (./ or .bin). After the execute command is issued, given that your arch has a JVM correctly installed, the netbeans installer will come up. Following the step by step guide will allow you to install Netbeans on your system.

I received emails from people that had problems on arch with netbeans and tiled window managers such as dwm. For some reason the default advanced window toolkit shows some big grey boxes instead of the IDE. To solve this problem you need to reset to the MToolkit with the command: export AWT_TOOLKIT = MToolKit. At this point starting Netbeans with the command netbeans should correctly show “the only IDE you need”…quotation from the website.