New update for our beloved Debian Etch 4.0


Debian 4.0 etch, linux distro for desktop use

The debian project developers have today announced that a new update for the 4.0 (etch) version of the linux distibution is now available. The main packages influenced by this update are going to be unstable and/or non-free packages that do not give support for security.

Packages removed:

  1. Bandersnatch – too buggy
  2. Flash plugin non free – Closed source and it doesn’t give security support
  3. Flyspray – too buggy does not support upstream
  4. ipxripd – non compatible with etch kernel
  5. jags – too buggy
  6. unacee non free – broken on big endian and 64-bit systems

The detailed list of packages that have been modified can be found in the official debian project website.

For any other info either contact me or debian forums.